We are always grateful to accept donations, whether it is goods or money.

If you are donating goods, please call us first regarding dropping them to us. Some donations can be used to help our animals on site and some we can sell or recycle (items like duvet covers or pillow cases) to make money to help us care for our animals.

Please note, common items we cannot accept at this time are

  • Duvets
  • Pillows
  • Cushions
  • Open bags of food
  • Bric-a-brac

However, this list will alter from time to time, so if you have items you wish to donate, please call us first to discuss.

Due to limited resources we are unable to come out to collect donations from your home.

You can also donate specific items we are in need of via our amazon wish list.


Rehoming as a gift for a friend or family member?

We can’t rehome animals as surprise gifts for family members or friends. Adding an animal to a household is a commitment that could last up to 20 years. Therefore, it is important that everyone in the household is fully committed to the animals needs, behavioural work and any other challenges owners may face. Every member of the household will have to meet the animal prior to adoption.

How can I register to rehome?

The best way to register to rehome is to fill in one of our interested parties form, either online or at the shelter Or download an editable pdf interested parties form which can be emailed to us at info@wars.org.uk Alternatively, you could give us a ring and ask us to post one to your address.

Please don’t call us to tell us what you are looking for, as all the information we need will be on the forms mentioned above. These forms will help pair you with the right animal. Unfortunately, we are not able to fill in the interested parties form over the phone. What happens after filling in an interested parties form?

WARS receives many forms every day, we will send you an email acknowledging that we have received your form. If you do not hear anything within 5 days, then please contact us to make sure your form has come through. From here we will call you to discuss what animals might be suitable or request additional information to enable us to find you the right match.

I have seen a cat or dog at WARS and would like to rehome that specific animal. Can you tell me about them and can I come and meet them?

It’s great you are interested in a particular animal. On an animals profile page, we will state the ideal home that animal needs, please read this carefully. If you feel you fit the criteria stated on the website for that animal, please complete an interested parties form, adding the animal of interests name to the top of the form and submit this to us. We will then call you to discuss.

Why won’t you let me meet the animal until I have filled in an interested parties form?

It is important we check suitability for the animal before we conduct any meets and the form is the start of this process. We only allow one interest at a time to meet an animal. This saves confusion for the animals and potential disappointment for the family who could be second or third interest.

Why is it so hard to rehome an animal?

Please be patient. Demand for animals often outweighs supply. If you are looking for something very specific in a pet, or have specific needs within your home, this can make it harder to find the right match. Rehoming a pet from us is not first come first served, our job is to find the most suitable home for that animal. We will contact you when a suitable animal comes in, however we do also ask that you keep in touch with us and if an animal appears on our website you feel is suitable, give us a call.

Rehoming to a home with Children

At WARS we do rehome animals to home with children as long as that animal is suitable to the environment and we have a solid background history on the animal. However, often animals have little to no history attached to them, so we will look to rehome these animals to adult homes or with older children. We also temperament test every animal in our care to determine lots of different behaviours, characteristics and thresholds for different stimulus. This is done to understand what home the animal could live in. We do ask that people are realistic when looking to rehome a rescue animal into a home with children.

Rehoming to a home with older people

We certainly have no issue with people of the older generation rehoming a dog or a cat. However, we ask that you realistically think about the animals life expectancy and your own health and wellbeing if something were to happen in the future. It would be a case of us finding you a suitable match.

Rehoming to a rented property

We regularly rehome animals to homes that our rented. However, we ask that you are prepared with your tendency agreement or get written permission before applying to rehome, as getting this permission can be a lengthy process and we will need to see this permission before you can take you new animal home


Our process of rehoming is very thorough. We do many checks which may involve physical home checks, proof of address and vet references.


We very rarely get young puppies at 6 months or below. However, if they do come in we will not advertise them on our website as we would be inundated with requests. Therefore, register with us and we will be in touch if and when we have any puppies looking for a home


We do often have litters of kittens in, however we can receive hundreds of forms for people wanting to adopt a kitten. We do not advertise kittens on our website, so if you are interested in adopting a kitten infer 6 months, please complete an interested parties form and read about the process on our website. Demand for kittens outweighs supply, so do consider offering a home to an adult of senior cat.

How long does the rehoming process take?

This very much depends on the animal you have been invited to come and meet. Some animals may have behavioural issues and require specific training before adoption. For this we will spend time with you showing you the methods we are using and explain the reasons why. Sometimes a bond will need to be built, if the animal is shy or nervous. Multiple meets will help with this. We also encourage you to go away and have a long hard think if this is the animal for you. If it’s not right then that’s okay. It is better to say early on rather than continuing the process. For a rough guide, we suggest two/three separate meets for the animal you are intending to rehome.

Is there behavioural support after rehoming?

Our team here at WARS have lots of knowledge, experience and qualifications to help guide you in the right direction. Although we are a small team and don’t have the resources to come out to the house to help, we are only just a phone call or email away.

  • info@wars.org.uk
  • 01905 831651

We do temperament testing of all the animals here however, this environment is quite limited and not representable of what thy will be like in a home environment. If the animal, you are intending to rehome is a stray and we have no history then there may be some aversions to certain situations and surprises around the corner. To the best of our knowledge we would never send someone home with an animal which we think they are unable to care for.


To rehome a puppy under 6 months it is £170. For dogs over the age of 6 months it is £150

To rehome a kitten under 6 months is £105. For cats over the age of 6 months is £85.

This money goes towards having their vaccinations, neutering, microchipping and flea and worm medication.