Adoption Process

1 - The first step to adopting a dog or a cat from us is to fill out an Interested Parties form. These can be found on-line or alternatively pop into the shelter to fill one out.

After clicking on these, Download the form, fill it in, press save and send it to us at

2 - You can view pictures of our available dogs and cats on our website or by paying a visit to the shelter reception. We operate as a non veiw shelter. This means that you are unable to walk up and down the animals accommodation to physically see the animals. This is an extremely stressful experience for the animals and therefore we now no longer permit it. Similar rescues in Worcester have steered this way as to improve welfare of rescue animals.

If you are interested in a particular animal please include this on the form. Please fill in as much of the form as possible with detailed information, so we can help you find the right dog or cat. Alternatively you can come into the shelter and fill out a form.

3 - Please keep in mind if you are planning to go away on holiday, planning a baby, moving house, or having a change of work hours in the immediate future. It may not be the right time to consider rehoming an animal.

4 - Return the form to us and it will be handed to our Kennel and Cattery Team Leader who will then see if your chosen dog or cat is a suitable match.

5 - The staff will then give you a ring, chat with you regarding the animal, its temperament, its behavioural assessment and any other relevant history. This is an important part of the initial process to ensure that we find the right match for you, your family and for our animals.

6 - You will then be invited to meet the cat or the dog in a time slot in our diary. This way we get to dedicate a staff members time to you to help make sure that all questions are answered and you are set up for success. If you are interested in a dog you can take them for a walk around our site and take them in the play pens to see how you get on. If you are interested in cat we will take you to our cattery and you can sit in with the cat and socialise with them.

7 - After your walk or socialisation if you feel the dog or cat is a match we will mark down your interest. We will take a maximum of 3 interests on the dogs and cats, which will be taken forward in the order in which they were placed. For example if the first interest were to pull out then we would contact the second interest.

8 - We will then ask for any other members of the family to come and visit. This includes any children and if re-homing a dog, any existing dogs.

9 - If you live in rented accommodation we will require written consent from your landlord or housing association stating that they are happy for you to keep an animal on the premises.

10 - We will also arrange a home visit with you (Covid precautious depended). This is just to see the environment the animal will be going to. During this visit, if re-homing a dog and you have a cat or any other animals, we may bring the dog to gauge their reaction. This is also an opportunity to ask any further questions you may have regarding your future family pet.

11 - If all of the above goes well we will make an adoption appointment with you for you to take your new family member home.

Adoption Costs - With effect from the 1st November 2020

Dogs: £150
Puppies under 6 months: £170
Cats: £85
Kittens under 6 months: £105

Please click here to see how much it costs us to care for our animals.

All our animals are fully vaccinated, neutered or spayed and micro chipped. If an animal does not have all of these you will be supplied with a voucher to take to our vet, where any remaining work will be carried out.