Public Opening Times: Daily between 11am & 3pm | Dog walking times between 10am & 4pm

Important Stuff About Me:

Yogi Bear finds himself at WARS after being retired from racing. He is still pretty young with plenty of energy and a spring in his step

He is a sweet boy and who loves spending time with his my dog and human friends. He hasn’t seen much in life and coming to the shelter has opened his eyes to the world and he certainly loves to explore it. He is a quiet chap and can sometimes get overwhelmed in new places but he just needs to build some confidence and he will be fine. He is a tall boy and can be quick and strong if he wants to, but only if when he can be bothered, as really his favourite thing to do is relax and just chill.

Yogi is defiantly the most playful out of all of the greyhounds we have right now. He like all types of toys, balls, raggers, squeaky toys. He isn’t the type of dog who chases then retrieves, Rather he picks it up then runs away.

  • Dog friendly
  • Older children
  • 4 hours max leave time

All animals at Worcestershire Animal Rescue

  • Vaccinated, Microchipped, Wormed and Neutered.
  • Assessed by an experienced member of our team to determine which type of home they should be rehomed to.