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Important Stuff About Me:

Shanu came to WARS as a stray and has now been signed over to us to be rehomed. She is a young playful and affectionate girl who we suspect hasnt had much attention in her life so far.

She is very active and sociable towards humans and other dogs. She will need an active family who will take her on plenty of walks and who are prepared to take her to training classes. She had absolutely no manners, she will jump up, pull in the lead and has no knowledge of commands. Therefore anyone looking to take her own must realise she is not going to be perfect at the start. It is going to take patience and hard work to help her become the pet dog we all know she can be. From what we see she is relatively house trained and will hold it all in until she goes on a walk. However a kennel isn’t a representable environment of a home.

From what we can see Shanu is very people orientated and may struggle being left. She will need a home that will only leave her at 3 hours maximum.

  • Dog friendly
  • Could not live with a cat
  • Bouncy and energetic
  • very affectionate
  • 3 hour leave time
  • 16+

All animals at Worcestershire Animal Rescue

  • Vaccinated, Microchipped, Wormed and Neutered.
  • Assessed by an experienced member of our team to determine which type of home they should be rehomed to.