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Important Stuff About Me:

Gryff is going to be a bit of a project so please dont think just because he is small he will be easy.

This little firecracker came into us as an unclaimed stray. He is a typical full-on terrier who is always on the go, let him off the lead in the playpen and watch him go. We say he is a typical terrier, but honestly, we do not know what breeds he has in him. He has lots of loyalty and loves people.

Gryff needs a lot of work to put in to him so he can become an actual dog. In the outside world pulls on the lead, barks at everything becomes quite a hard dog to manage. He is still young and has lots of potential for someone looking to invest some time in to this handsome young man.

Gryff is a bit of a bouncy boy and doesnt really know how to show his affection towards people. He will jump up like a continuous spring and mouth hands, clothes and objects for attention or to release built up frustration. Although, this sounds like something he will "grow out of", it is not. He will only surpass these inappropriate behaviours with a consistent training protocol. The staff here have worked really hard to get him to where he is today and we will help pass on this knowledge on to any potential owner. However, we are looking for someone who is keen to learn current training methods as backed by science and positive reinforcement. We would struggle to rehome Gryff to anyone who is stuck in their ways and believes they can handle him simply because they have had dogs in the past.

He does pull a little on the lead and will need an owner who can physically handle him. He does enjoy his food, which we hope will make his training easier. He does know sit, when he feels like it, but that is about it at the moment. He certainly is a fun chap, but he does need work doing with him. Most importantly he will need to be kept busy, puzzle feeders, savaging for food in the garden, snuffle mats and lots of toy playing. Perhaps maybe even try something like agility with him. It isn’t enough to just exercise him with long walks, he needs lots of mental stimulation as well.

As Gryff really struggles settling in the home he has whats known as rest time. At multiple points in the day he goes in to his crate with a kong, pigs ear or anything that can occupy him as a chillout time.

Gryffs main behavioural problems are: Mouthing, Jumping up, Guarding items and food, Possessive tendencies over bonded handlers. All of this work will be worth it when he turns becomes the best dog he can be and be your best friend forever.

  • Bouncy
  • Leave time 2 hours
  • Needs training
  • Adult only calm house hold
  • Only animal in the household

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