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Important Stuff About Me:

Chester is an Ex racer from the Lake District, now retired and looking for a place to snooze. He is gentle boy but needs an attentive home. If your looking for a dog to fade in to the background this isn’t the dog for you. He likes to always be the center of attention, walked long distances and stimulated throughout the day. He also needs a good 70% of the day to snooze and dream of long shorelines and sunsets of that lovely holiday he took to Lanzarote back in the day. Although this sounds like Chester wants to go go go, in fact it’s quite the opposite, he needs a calm home that will utilise the energy he has in the right ways guided by us at WARS. Also please feel free to wear him down with fuss as that it is his main purpose in life, to acquire and use all fuss from everyone and everywhere. Actually I can hear him right now from the office "Arooo Cuddle meeee Arooo" (Note: Chester isn’t really a vocal hound he can be just like all dogs but he isn’t your typical howley gougey hound.

  • Adult home
  • Needs further training

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